Will a memorial be made for other cities?

I have a lot of hurdles to jump over for this first one in New York City. But if we can make this happen, I don’t see why we would not try to do it in other locations.

Will the COVID-19 Memorial Travel?

I would love that. I am exploring ways to build the piece so it can be portable and extensible. One idea is to create short stacks that are 10 feet long, compress them and turn them sideways.

Can the COVID-19 virus be transmitted via second-hand clothing?

In general, the risk is considered low, but as it relates to the COVID-19 Memorial, there will be no risk whatsoever. All of the second-hand clothing will be laundered using the highest heat setting. It will also rest for a minimum of 2 months. In addition, a medical professional will be consulted to design a safety protocol and perform weekly inspections. More on this topic as it relates to shoes.

Are you influenced by the work of Richard Serra?

A few people mentioned his work in relation to this project, as well as Robert Smithson. Admittedly, I am indebted to the minimalists, but also, I am inspired by seemingly unrelated artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Linda Montano, Mike Kelly and Christian Boltanski… to name a few!